- 20th Anniversary -

AFC REALTY CAPITAL is a multifaceted real estate investment banking firm providing debt and equity capital to the real estate investment and development industry on a nationwide basis. We have completed transactions aggregating in excess of $10 billion, both in a principal and advisory capacity.

We are "financial architects" who design and build the most cost-effective and advantageous capital structures for today's property landscape.

AFC REALTY CAPITAL is composed of a select group of highly skilled real estate professionals with proven expertise hublot big bang replica to structure and implement financial solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

AFC provides the widest possible range of debt and equity financing options for existing and developmental projects, including: Audemars Piguet Replica

Permanent Loans
Mezzanine Loans
Equity/Preferred Equity
Construction, Interim, and Standby Financing
Hybrid Mortgages
Joint Ventures and Development
Sales and Sale/Leasebacks
Credit Enhancements
Acquisition and development loans

Co-Sponsor Equity Program

Throughout its history,Replica Rolex Submariner Date AFC has co-invested capital alongside its clients as needed to get their transactions closed. This year, AFC anticipates closing over $500 Million with its clients under its Co-Sponsor Equity Program.

AFC REALTY CAPITAL'S national presence and long-standing relationships with a multitude of capital sources gives our clients the widest possible market and options for their financing needs. We draw on the resources of domestic and foreign pension funds, insurance companies, banks and savings institutions, Wall Street Investors and major private investors.

AFC possesses the technical skills and proven track record to well serve our clients' financing requirements in nearly all types of income-producing and developmental projects including:

Multi-family residential
Office Buildings
Senior housing/health-care
Special Use Properties

Although often highly technical and analytical in many aspects, the world of real estate finance is, at its core, simply a business of people and relationships. Success or failure in structuring a particular transaction can be as dependent on the credibility of the deal makers as on the finer points of the deal itself. Therefore, the ability to instill confidence in key decision makers is often a critical factor in a transaction. It's an ability that must be earned by means of a long and successful track record.

Over the years, we have developed a network of relationships that extends throughout the national real estate community. That vital network, carefully nurtured and grown, is one of the most important assets we bring to our clients.