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It's a balmy early summer afternoon in Antibes. Champagne is being poured, cigars are being lit, and Rolling Stones covers of slightly questionable quality are drifting up on the breeze from the courtyard of Bastion luminor marina replica We are at the start of the 2018 panerai luminor marina replica Classic Yacht Challenge (Eilean, the brand's beloved yacht is, of course, in attendance) and I am sitting on the upper level of the fort, chatting with panerai luminor marina replica's new ambassador, world champion freediver Guillaume Néry.

Néry doesn't talk about diving like someone who's been doing it for two decades. He speaks with the breathless enthusiasm of one whose love for the sport is clearly at its zenith, even though it's been 16 years since he broke his first of four world records. He's almost the opposite of the elegant, graceful figure he cuts in the ocean – excitable and animated. Indeed, it's hard to imagine the charismatic 36-year-old doing anything else. “I was scared of having a normal life,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches ” says Néry. “Thinking about the future and about what I could do in my life and all of the normal jobs that exist, I was terrified. I didn't want to go to work from nine-to-five and have a vacation for a few weeks a year – I didn't want to live that life. When I started freediving, I realised that everything I had been wanting was there.”

A team of intrepid journalists train with Néry on land

Néry began freediving at 14, driven, somewhat amusingly, by being defeated in a breath-holding contest with his friend. “I got pissed off! I thought: ‘OK, well there's no way I'm losing this challenge, so I'm going to train.'” Holding his breath became a fascination for the young Néry,replica panerai luminor marina and soon he was able to manage between four and five minutes. “I realised it was something special, but I didn't know what to do with it. One day I watched a documentary about Umberto Pelizzari, who was a legend of freediving in the 1990s, breaking records by holding his breath. I was like

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