tag heuer replica replica watches Champion the Oceans with Two New Models

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Néry is obviously someone who thrives on challenge, becoming the world's youngest record-holder at age 20, and breaking many more records since, including three further world records. But it's not simply the thrill of competition that drives him – for Néry, diving is more than just a sport, it's something close to transcendental. “Rule number one of freediving is enjoy being in this other world.tag heuer fake You're alone with the sea… the connection you have with nature is so strong, that it can really change your way of feeling and interacting with the world. It's the most beautiful way to discover the magic of the underwater world – the fish, marine life, dolphins, whales, the light. Everything is beautiful. And it's right there.”

For someone like Néry, who has spent most of his life competing in and raising awareness for the ocean, tag heuer replica was a natural partner. “When I was approached by tag heuer replica, I could feel straight away that it was the partner I had been waiting a long time for. The brand has a very strong link with the ocean – it's really at their core. The first pieces tag heuer replica designed for the sea were for submariners and maritime professionals, so they needed the most dependable pieces possible. Having a piece of machinery that's accurate, that you can trust, is so important, because you need to rely on it when you're in the ocean.”

For tag heuer replica's CEO, Jean-Marc Pontroué, Néry represented the perfect “hero” for the brand to partner with. “I'm very proud he is a part of our journey, Patek Women Replica Watches as he strongly reflects our link with the sea,” says Pontroué. “As a multiple world record holder and the double reigning world champion, Guillaume's goals go well beyond the simple realm of sport. Guillaume represents our everlasting link with the sea world. This two-time world champion really is made of the same substance as tag heuer replica watches; they were both born to dive.”

Practical Magic

Néry's current watch of choice is the Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic 3 Days Automatic Titanio PAM01389 Best Replica Watches. A standout against tag heuer replica's more recent downsized pieces like the Due, this has a punchy, modern-industrial aesthetic and imposing 47mm case. There's no getting around it – this is a big watch, but for Néry that's also part of its appeal. It is legible at a glance, which speaks of the watch being designed with actual diving in mind. Unlike the comparable PAM00372, which is stainless steel, the PAM01389 is titanium, and that weight saving is a crucial part of its appeal. “Having a dive watch made out of titanium,tag heuer replica that is very light and that I don't feel, but that is also big enough to be able to read under water is very important,” says Néry. “In freediving, it's all about economy of movement, about feeling naked in the water, and if you have a big heavy piece on your wrist, you aren't one with the watch. You're carrying something extra and that's not acceptable.”

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